The MonsterPod has no telescoping legs, clamps, beans, straps, glue, or suction cups, not even magic. Instead, the MonsterPod sticks to surfaces via a patent pending viscoelastic morphing polymer.

More About MosterPod

It’s not a tripod, a monopod, or hovering robot. It’s MonsterPod, the gravity defying tripod that holds your digital camera motionless, vertically, horizontally or upside down! free psn codes


How it Works

What is the point of owning a compact digital camera, if you have to carry a cumbersome tripod?

MonsterPod™ is the most amazing, most universal, revolutionary camera tripod on planet earth! 

The MonsterPod™ will mold, grip, stick and firmly adhere to nearly any surface as it holds your camera motionless, temporarily, until you peel it off.

At any angle, on nearly any surface, you can now take pictures anywhere in the world and you can personally be in all of them!


Easy! Just screw the MonsterPod™ into your camera and press it against any surface.

Its Patent Pending Viscoelastic Morphing Polymer Super Grip base will mold to nearly any surface.

What angle will it grip? MonsterPod™ using its “viscoelastic morphing polymer” gravity defying base, holds your camera absolutely motionless horizontally, vertically or upside down!

Got Questions?

Don’t be shy. We are here to answer your questions 24/7. 

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