Use it

MonsterPod™ produces clearer quality digital photographs, than hand held cameras. When taking pictures with a small digital camera it is very susceptible to the slightest lens movement.

To take professional quality photographs you must learn to use your digital camera’s self-timer in conjunction with MonsterPod™. This will completely eliminate any possibility of motion blur in your images. Even when a camera is mounted on a tripod, there is some movement when the shutter button is pushed. Using your camera’s self-timer will entirely eliminate the possibility of any motion blur at the time the shutter is activated.

Whether you set your camera’s self-timer to 2 seconds or 10 seconds, you will always get higher quality, professional looking photographs using MonsterPod™. This is particularly true if you plan to enlarge your pictures on your computer, or upload your pictures to the Internet. Slight vibrations from clicking your camera button with your finger are accentuated in digital photography.

MonsterPod™ is particularly useful when slow shutter speeds are required, which is often the case in product photography, inside photography, or low light photography. How often are you unsatisfied with pictures taken with a flash? Flash pictures seldom look as good as photographs taken without a flash.

The reason? The flash has  become so small on compact cameras that it  inadequately floods the room. Therefore, a tripod is ever more important in getting quality photographs. Using your MonsterPod™ with its self-timer to eliminate the need for a flash, will always give you a clearer, crisper, more professional photograph.

Last, and likely the most important reason to use MonsterPod™ coordinated with your camera’s self timer, is that you can be in all your pictures. By learning to locate and set the self-timer, the resulting number of pictures with…you know who…  will increase dramatically. Isn’t that why you purchased your compact digital camera anyway?

Whether alone, with a friend or with a special group, MonsterPod™ will always enable you to be in your pictures and your treasured memories.

1.) How does it stick?

MonsterPod™ sticks to thousands of different objects and surfaces using a Patent Pending Viscoelastic Morphing Polymer base. By molding the viscoelastic base to an object and applying a slight amount of pressure, you can mount your compact digital camera in places you never imagined before.

2.) How long does it stick?

MonsterPod™ only forms a “temporary” bond with other surfaces. Normally it will provide one minute to one hour of stabilization, depending on the type of surface and degree of angle.

3.) How do I take it off?

MonsterPod™ is simple to dislodge from where it is mounted. With a gentle tug to the base, it will peel right off. If not, you may at times need to reach your fingers under the viscoelastic base and pull it off.

4.) What objects can I stick it on?

MonsterPod™ can be used to support your digital camera by molding its Viscoelastic Morphing Polymer base to, but not limited to, the following: metal, wood, plastic, veneer, marble, Formica, cement, block, steel, brick, glass, tile, enamel, sheet rock, and even rocks and trees.

5.) Will it stick to my skin?

MonsterPod™ will not adhere to the skin nor is it harmful to the skin.

6.) Can I hold it in my hands?

MonsterPod™ can be kept attached to your camera and molded to conform to any shape. You can even mold it into a handle to better hold your compact camera to provide additional support when taking pictures.

7.) Is it messy?

MonsterPod™ is not a gel. It is an elastic solid…viscoelastic polymer. This viscoelastic polymer is contained within a neoprene membrane and will not harm or affect your camera.

8.) What is it made out of?

MonsterPod™ is made from three main elements: 1) a viscoelastic morphing polymer base, 2) a neoprene outer membrane, 3) an internal semi-ridged metal and plastic base.

9.) Can it fall off?

MonsterPod™ was developed to provide a temporary mounting device for compact digital cameras. It is designed to hold a 10 oz or less camera for a period of time long enough to set the automated timer and take a picture. It will not fall off. It will begin to ooze (stretch) from its location after several minutes.

10.) Is it a suction cup?       

MonsterPod™ is not a suction cup. Suction cups are very limited to the type of surfaces to which they will hold.

11.) Does it contain beans? 

MonsterPod™ is not a bean bag. Bean bags do not adhere to surfaces and have the tendency to fall over on angled surfaces.

12.) Does heat or cold affect it?   

MonsterPod™ is not affected by cold or heat. You can use it on cold winter days or on hot summer days.

13.) What cameras will it support?  

MonsterPod™ will support nearly all compact digital cameras. Nearly 90% of all compact digital cameras manufactured today weigh less than 10 oz. (300 grams) and can be supported.

14.) How do I attach it to my camera?   

MonsterPod™ is mounted to your camera using the same threaded hole in the bottom of your camera as other tripods. To be exact the hole size is 1/4 inch with a #20 thread.

15.) Do I need a traditional tripod?    

MonsterPod™ is the only tripod you will ever need for your compact camera. Now that you own a compact digital camera you will never need to carry a large cumbersome tripod.

16.) Will I get good pictures?  

MonsterPod™ will give you better pictures! The truth is, you can mount your MonsterPod™ in more ideal places for picture taking than a traditional tripod. Think about it! Can you stick your traditional tripod to your kitchen ceiling, car dashboard or backyard tree?

17.) When and where can I get MonsterPod™?  

MonsterPod™ will be available in 2 or 3 weeks for shipping. We are currently setting up U.S.A. and international distributors and retailers. If you would like to receive information on purchasing one MonsterPod™ or in volume, please contact us at .

How to useit and why it works

What is the point of owning a compact digital camera, if you have to carry a cumbersome tripod?

MonsterPod™ is the most amazing, most universal, revolutionary camera tripod on planet earth! The MonsterPod™ will mold, grip, stick and firmly adhere to nearly any surface as it holds your camera motionless, temporarily, until you peel it off.

What is the point of owning a nice compact camera, if you have to carry a large, cumbersome, antiquated tripod from the past? You no longer need to. MonsterPod™ is your solution to the dark ages of tripods from the past!

How does it work? Easy! Just screw the MonsterPod™ into your camera and press it against any surface. Its Patent Pending Viscoelastic Morphing Polymer Super Grip base will mold to nearly any surface. Set your timer and shoot! Fast! Simple! Easy! Convenient! Instantly storable in your pocket or purse!

One, two, three… Easy! Simple! Fast! Mount MonsterPod™ to a table, chair, wall, window, ceiling, rail, fire-hydrant, light-post, parking meter, hand rail, rock or even a tree (pine tree or palm tree, it makes no difference). Set your camera timer, position yourself in the picture, snap, you’re finished! You will never be left out of your pictures again!

When you’re all finished, just toss the MonsterPod™ in your pocket or purse! You can even leave it permanently attached to your camera! At only 1.75 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide, MonsterPod™ is the world’s most revolutionary tripod ever developed for its size and weight! At only 6 ounces (170 grams) it weighs less than most cameras.

What angle will it grip? MonsterPod™ using its “viscoelastic morphing polymer” gravity defying base, holds your camera absolutely motionless horizontally, vertically or upside down! At any angle, on nearly any surface, you can now take pictures anywhere in the world and you can personally be in all of them! Never, ever, be left out of a picture again! MonsterPod™ can go everywhere your digital camera goes!

You’ll never leave home without your MonsterPod™, but you might forget your camera!