The Inventors

MonsterPod™ was the idea of Randel Byrd during a trip overseas. Traveling alone, he found it difficult taking pictures and being in his pictures at the same time.

Returning with over 620 digital pictures and only being in 30 of them, he thought there had to be a better way. Randel didn’t like always asking someone to hold his camera, and he did not like balancing it precariously on different objects. At one point he thought it would be great to just have a piece of bubble gum to stick to the bottom.

Upon returning to the United States he began development on the MonsterPod™ as a unique idea for mounting and stabilizing his digital camera. His idea was to revolve around using a Viscoelastic Morphing Polymer as a means to support his digital camera at various angles.

In collaboration with his son Tyler Byrd and after several months of experimentation, in 2005 the two filed their first patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. In the months thereafter, they worked hard on further developing and refining their invention and filed two more patents. They dubbed the name, MonsterPod™ due to its remarkable ability to be molded and its ability to adhere to nearly any surface and shape.

MonsterPod™ molds, shapes, grabs and sticks to things you never thought you could ever mount your digital camera upon. You can mount your camera in places you never thought you could take a picture. You can take any kind of picture with MonsterPod™. It sets you free. Everything and anything now becomes your tripod.

MonsterPod™ makes the world your tripod, your imagination is its limitation. It sticks to 1,000 objects… and still counting.